Meet the HighWay Tour Crew

Who’s driving this thing? Meet Errik and Deuntae, the two buds tasked with towing the trusty WeedSteed through all five states on the Leafly HighWay Tour. Even though the tour is just getting started, they’ve already gracefully dealt with random things falling off, backing it up into some near-impossible spots, and making some last-minute repairs. Of course, there’s also the whole ‘driving an enormous cannabis-themed vehicle through LA rush hour traffic’ thing. Nbd. In a rare moment of calm on the tour, we sat down with Errik and Deuntae to hear their thoughts on the plant, legalization, and why they joined Leafly on the road.

Meet Errik. Errik’s favorite strain is Harlequin Highlights (because he likes to stay active!)

When asked why he believes in cannabis legalization, Errik had this to say: “My reason for believing in cannabis legalization is it can be used for so many ailments in the modern world. I watched a good friend of mine cope with physical pain by using pills. He became dependent on them and then I watched him struggle with taking more and more pills. The friend I knew, who was a good time to be around, would turn lifeless after having a few pills. Then seeing him try to kick a bad habit was painful and ugly. As bad as I wanted to help, I knew there was nothing I or anyone could do; he had to do this on his own, a true test of will power. Those pills had a firm grip on his life and I believe a lot of this could have been avoided if cannabis was an option for him instead of pills. “

“The biggest misconception I hear from people about cannabis - one that I use to think was true myself, is that it makes people LAZY. I used to really think this was true, I use to see it in high school and tell myself I would never try it. My curiosity grew in college as I started to look into it more, I saw students who were doing above average in class and openly talking about using cannabis to help them focus. Later I did some of my own research and started to realize how little I knew about the world of cannabis. Then I recall the moments in high school thinking maybe it is just the individual who is lazy, it is not the cannabis that is making them lazy.”

Meet Deuntae. Deuntae’s favorite strain is Blue Moon Rocks. “I like to smoke in more of a social environment with people, then sometimes I’ll medicate before bed or to wind down my day.”

What’s Deuntae’s reason for supporting cannabis legalization? “Cannabis provides more than just getting high from it. My mother is a breast cancer survivor. Cannabis helped her through her treatments of chemotherapy and the pain that came from radiation. Without cannabis, she would have endured a lot more pain through her recovery. I know that it helped my mother so I know it will help a lot more other people with conditions and disorders that cannabis may treat.”

“The most common misconception I feel that people say about cannabis is that people are not able to function while using it. Yes, every person is different but if you find the right dosage/strain for yourself you can still be productive and find use out of your day while using.”

If you see Errik and Deuntae on the road, be sure to say hi!