Harvesting Hope

Many families of children suffering from pediatric epilepsy have reached a breaking point. Faced with the failures of traditional treatments, many are turning to medical cannabis to control their children’s seizures, often with amazing results. Unfortunately, due to the expense of purchasing medical cannabis, families often make tremendous sacrifices to improve their children’s quality of life.

It is Harvesting Hope’s mission to help these families, and we take a multifaceted approach to doing so. Primarily, we grant monetary endowments to lessen their financial burden. In addition, by partnering with local dispensaries, we provide access to medical cannabis grown exclusively for treating pediatric epilepsy. We also connect families to Harvesting Hope’s medical director to ensure proper dosing and care, and we provide services such as support groups, educational lectures, and access to medical specialists.

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Dream Steam

All Dream Steam cartridges are filled with cannabis oil that is CO2 extracted and refined using a proprietary distillation process, producing golden oil that is free from solvents and plant material. We offer a large variety of strain-specific cartridges that are available in sativa, indica, hybrid, and CBD varieties, giving you the ability to choose the cartridge that best fits your needs. Cartridges are accurately labeled with information on strain, variety, net weight, and THC/CBD content, a practice that has become a requirement in some states but we’ve required of ourselves since 2014.



HUXTON is committed to providing innovative products that are thoughtful, consistent and effective. Purchasing cannabis should be simple. All of HUXTON's flower is cultivated naturally. Our single-strain products are small batch, top canopy, hand trimmed and slow cured to maximize flavor profiles. Our freshsqueezed vape pens are a pure flower experience. Our signature process uses live nug runs with 100% wet flower for full cannabinoid and terpene capture.

Foreman Farms

Premium California flower. Experience the Foreman Farms difference!

Sensi Chew

Sensi Chews are specifically designed to help patients address a wide range of health and wellness conditions.

Honey Pot

The Honey Pot product line comes from a California family operated Medical Marijuana Collective. Membership is made up of multiple generations of cannabis activists. Our mission is to produce high quality medicinal remedies from natural resources, and help patients get through their daily life more comfortably.

Rise Up

By aligning with causes that reflect Bob Marley’s Vision of positive social change, environmental sustainability and social justice, Rise Up empowers people around the world to make meaningful strides towards a brighter future

The Weekend Box

Looking to stock up on party supplies for a Vegas weekend? Or maybe you're canna-curious, and looking to explore the new forms that marijuana that are now available! Either way, The Weekend Box has you covered - the wide variety of products is accompanied by an educational product pamphlet, making sure to provide you with all the information you need in order to have a successful trip.

Rebel Spirit Cannabis

Rebel Spirit grows cannabis on Uncle Mark’s farm with you and our planet in mind. Our hand-mixed soil, well-water, organic nutrients, and loving care produce ganja of another world. We preserve the legacy of Uncle Mark, our original "Rebel Spirit," by inspiring your adventures with our award-winning proprietary strains.